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Susan Bakaley Marshall , MPS, ATR,
Master of Professional Studies, Registered Art Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner

“To paint what we see before us is a different art from painting what we see within.”
C. Jung

Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy combines the power and experimentation of self-expression with the insights and methods of psychotherapy. Your own inner creativity opens channels for awareness and discovery. Rather than being overwhelmed by talking about feelings, your imagery allows sharing to be paced. Change happens from the inside out if it is to last, and the arts offer a bridge from your inner world of thoughts and feelings to your outer life.

Art psychotherapy is for those looking for help with specific issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma resolution and grief and loss, those who want assistance with life choices or relationships, and those working through creative blocks. It is also for those seeking a greater spiritual connection and ‘joie de vivre’ - joy, balance and well being- in their lives. Susan works with all ages, individuals, couples and families.

You can re-connect to yourself on a deep soul level beyond words by using the creative arts, within the dynamic relationship between client and art therapist as witness. Art therapy is effective because it combines the use of the right and left sides of the brain, making it much easier to talk about strong feelings or difficult memories through the images that have emerged on paper, rather than trying to access words only.

In a typical session we focus on the art process fostering your intentions. Your own story and metaphor emerge from the images created. Sharing is encouraged and no interpretation by the art therapist occurs, nor do you need to have any previous art experience. Using the arts touches the spark of creativity we all hold. In this way our lives become more whole and richer.

Sliding Scale fee offered.

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Touch Drawing

“Touch drawing* is one creative arts practice I am passionate about and have personally used for 15 years. I love the process of using my hands directly on the paper to draw. In a very short time many images come forth. Living with them, noticing what they 'have to say' and journaling enhance the process. I'm always excited to share this form of spirit art with clients and during small group workshops.” *Touch Drawing, founded by Deborah Koff-Chapin



Below is my video of a synchronistic touch-drawing experience of a hospice client near the end of life.