We're offering classes in two ways:

Outdoors at The Thirteenth Moon Center

and via online live Zoom



Classes outdoors at The Thirteenth Moon Center


Encountering Spirits of Place – A Series of Explorations in Nature

June 24, July 8, August 5

For all levels: those with shamanic experience or not.

And this our life...finds tongues in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything. I would not change it..." Shakespeare, As You Like It

Meet rocks, pay respects to the spirit of running water, seek lessons from great trees, and ask to merge with landforms in their spirit manifestations. Through such practices we learn loving awareness of our powerful spirit neighbors, form alliances, receive knowledge and power, and find healing. You can expect to come away with a deeper awareness of your place in the community of people, nature, and spirit, and a refreshed soul.

Each class of Encountering Spirits of Place is $50.00 (or $135 for all three) and will meet from 1 to 4:30 PM.

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Tree Spirits as Teachers

Saturday June 24 (rain date June 25)

Using guided visualization, drumming and rattling, we'll explore the spiritual life of trees. You'll become aware of their pulse of life by communing with an actual tree, breathing along with its pace of respiration and listening for its messages. You'll then encounter the guardian spirit of a tree, experiencing its flow of life directly by tuning in to the tree's consciousness.





The Still Beings-Domim

Saturday July 8 (rain date July 9)

In Jewish kabbalistic tradition, rocks are domim, "the still beings". They're very old, and many have wisdom to share. Using guided visualization, drumming and rattling, we'll go out asking to meet a rock that is alive and wants to talk, sit with it and inter-breathe, listen to its pace, and hear what it wants to share. We'll practice rock divination, looking into a rock to suggest answers to one another's questions.


stone person


Plant Spirit Wisdom

Saturday, August 5 (rain date August 6)

With the help of nature spirits, and using guided visualization and drumming or rattling, you'll ask to be conducted to an actual plant and sit with it, listening and exchanging breath, respectfully attuning your inner ear to its rhythms and voice. While connecting to its spirit you'll find guidance for your future relationship with the plant as an ally.







Touch Drawing: Explorations in Art

Open your heart to your creative source. Delve into your soul with spirit art. Give yourself the gift of time to release, relax and explore while becoming inspired by the natural world surrounding us.

Touch Drawing is a simple yet profound process. Paper is placed over wet paint. The pressure of the fingertips creates images on the underside. Even an unconfident artist can experience the fulfillment of seeing their interior life come alive on paper. View a brief VIDEO by its creator, Deborah Koff-Chapin.

No art experience necessary. All materials supplied. Limited Space.

July 29 10AM-3PM (Rain date July 30)

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person touch drawing


person touch drawing




Classes online via live Zoom


If you identify as a healer, this is for you!

The Shamanic Journey: Exploring Spirit Worlds — For Healing Practitioners

October 14, 15, 22, November 5

During this experiential and interactive course you will begin to evolve strong relationships with spirit helpers for guidance and healing in your daily life.

The spiritual aspects of psychological and physical suffering are widely known—healing is for the soul as well as the mind and body. This version of our popular introductory course features shamanic methods to support your own process; ways to empower clients for healing; case studies of clinical application of shamanic principles; ethical and safety issues; and concrete ways to enhance your work.

We provide you with personalized attention as you enter shamanic practice. You'll be able to see and interact with each other and us using Zoom conferencing.

The four session course is listed below and will meet from 10:00 to 2:30 (with rest and snack breaks) on four different dates.

Social workers and others may be eligible for 12 contact hours of continuing education credits. Our teachers are Susan Bakaley Marshall MPS, ATR, retired LCPC; Chris Marshall MA, PhD; and Maggie Quinn Karoff LCSW. For more details contact us here.

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Session I

Learning Shamanic Journeying

October 14 (Saturday), 10:00-2:30

We’ll teach you to travel to the Lower World, a level of reality most often accessed through myth and dream, using the sound of the drum. You'll also learn techniques of divination, getting answers to questions for yourself and others while in this abode of helping spirits.



Session II

Meeting a Power Animal

October 15 (Sunday), 10:00-2:30

You’ll journey shamanically to the Lower World to retrieve a power animal or guardian spirit, a powerful ally who helps you to do shamanic work in this and other worlds.







Session III

Finding a Spirit Teacher

October 22 (Sunday), 10:00-2:30

Building on your experience with shamanic work, you’ll journey to the Upper World to meet a spirit teacher, a wise being with messages for your growth and empowerment. Spirit teachers are there to offer guidance, challenge, and mentorship, and we can build relationships with them over time through shamanic journeying.

Session IV

Deepening Your Practice

November 5 (Sunday), 10:00-2:30

Begin your exploration of the Middle World (the spirit counterpart of this world), learning to recognize middle-world spirits and maintain protection while journeying. Gain further practice in divination for yourself and others. Discuss future directions for your shamanic practice—spirits of nature, weather, and place—how to build loving awareness of our powerful spirit neighbors, form alliances, and receive wisdom. Hear about spiritual diagnosis and healing techniques to deal with power loss, spiritual intrusions, and soul loss.


Bridging the Worlds: Spirits of Place and Shamanic Healing

Eight weekends from December 9, 2023 to May 19, 2024, from 11:00 to 5:00 ET (8-2 PT).

Join us for our sixth year of these intermediate level shamanic trainings.

Learn age-old shamanic healing practices like soul retrieval. Work with spirits of nature for power and knowledge. Our sessions will be interactive and in-person, not prerecorded. We'll connect using Zoom, and you'll be doing journeying indoors where you are; you'll also be going outside of your home during class time, doing spirit work in your own surroundings.

Participants will need at least a working relationship with a power animal and ability to journey shamanically.

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